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Image of Russell
Full Name Russell Ryan Jones
Date of Birth January 8,1982
Birthplace Brighton,Colorado
Age 19
Height 6"4"
Weight 280 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Bleach Blonde
Nationality American
Specialties Light/Heavy Weapons,Electronics,Demolitions,Sniping,Pilot,Espionage,and Hand To Hand Combat
Description Russell is an all around friendly guy but is somewhat absentminded except when it comes to missions,cooking,and World War II.Although he is the youngest child he is bigger than his brother Murdoc.He is the best pilot there is because of Murdoc's teachings and what he has taught himself.
History Russell is the youngest son of Samuel Edward Jones and Sarah Emily Jones.Since he was one year old he has always looked up to his brothers and sister.Ray,for his extreme chess challenges,and thanks to Russell's super powers he won everytime,Murdoc,for his wisdom and guidence,and protection from people older than himself,and Selina for her fightnig teachings.Through his life he has been facinated with and has become an expert on World War II.After high school he went into the Navy and became a second Lieutenent under his brother Murdoc's command in the S.E.A.L.S.He retired a year before him and opened his own resturant.In the same year he got a call from Murdoc to join him in his special forces team then becme a Road Rover along with the others.
Super Powers Russell's superpower is super strategy,and it really comes in handy and it helped him beat Ray at chess when they were young.
Weapon Preferences Since he is an expert on World War II he prefers to use weapons from that time.He only uses one modern weapon.He loads them with tennis ball ammo on missions and regular in the shooting range just like everyone else does with their weapons.An M249 SAW 5.56mm Heavy Machinegun,a Thompson M1A1 Sub-Machinegun,a British Sten Mark 2 Sub-Machinegun,a German MP-44 Assault Rifle,an Enfeld .38 Calibre Pistol,and a Walther P38 Pistol.