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Image of Ray
Full Name Raymond Thomas Jones
Date of Birth August 26,1978
Birthplace Corsicana,Texas
Age 23
Height 6"11"
Weight 310 lbs
Eyes Blue-Green
Hair Brownish Blonde
Nationality American
Specialties Light/Heavy Weapons,Diving,Gunsmithing,Sniping,Survival, Electronics,Demolitions,Pilot,Interpreter,Espionage,and Hand To Hand Combat.
Description Ray is big and is a very smart man.He has a scar underneath his right eye because of a fight he had with a terrorist.He is very funny and easy to get along with.His best friends are Husky,Flame,Fang,Devon,Delta,Hunter,Exile,Collen,Dokota,Lakita,Muzzle,Blitz and Maria.His very best friend is Shag.
History Ray is the oldest son of Samuel Edward Jones and Sarah Emily Jones.Ray is the smartest and strongest of the Jones children also.In Ray's childhood his father noticed that his son was alot smarter and stronger than most children his age.At eighteen his father realized that his son would be perfect for the Marines.He retired a Lieutenent and opened his own diving school and got a call from his brother Murdoc to join his special forces team in the same year.Ray is a very good brother and friend ,he protected his brothers and sister and helped them when they were in need.
Super Powers Ray has super strength and he is super smart,he is the third Road Rover with super strength.
Weapon Preferences Ray prefers to build his own weapons,original ones that he does use though he made himself that he loads with tennis ball ammo on missions and regular ammo in the shooting range.An Ak/47 7.62mm Assault Rifle,fitted with a LAM,Tac Light,and sometimes a Silencer,A .45 caliber pistol with a Tac Light,and sometimes a Silencer,and an AT-4 Anti-tank Bazooka,and a Night Stick.Once in a while Ray will also use an UZI,fitted with a Tac Light,and sometimes a Silencer.