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Image of Murdoc
Full Name Murdoc Leonard Jones
Date of Birth September 4, 1980
Birthplace Denver, Colorado
Age 21
Height 6"6"
Weight 210 lbs
Eyes Blue-Grey
Hair Brownish Black
Nationality American
Specialties Light/Heavy Weapons,Stealth,Demolitions,Electronics,Lockpicking,Engineering, Pilot,Cano-Sapien/Human Medic,Espionage,Gunsmithing,Interpreter,Sniping,Interrogation,Escape,and Survival.
Description Murdoc is serious,gentle,caring,and an all around guy.He is tough only on missions and if someone threatans or insults his wife,friends,or siblings.His best and closest friends are Dylan, Dakota,Lakita,Hunter,Colleen,and Pachito.Hardly anyone messes with him or the people around him because he is a well built man. Because of his wisdom and experience his command or suggestions are hardly questioned.
History Murdoc has gotten and given some serious beatings through the years.Being the second oldest son to Admiral Samuel Edward Jones and his wife Sarah Emily Jones,Murdoc thought it was his brotherly duty to stand up for his younger brother Russell and younger sister Selina.Once in the 10th grade Murdoc saw Russell being picked on by one of his older brother Ray's classmates.Murdoc fought the boy and won but received a black eye and a few bruises in the process.After High School he went to the Navy and made his way up the ranks the hard way starting as a private as a pilot then as a Colonel in the Navy S.E.A.L.S.He learned to be a veterinarian while he was in the Navy.He retired up to his ears in medals including the Congressional Medal of Honor.He lived in West Virginia for a time then moved to Miami later on and went to work for the Miami Police Department S.W.A.T team and became a Sergent. There he met the most beautiful woman when he took evidence from a crime scene to the crime lab to be analyized.Her name was Maria Gonzalez.They went out for a while and planned to get married a month later. Then One day Maria was taken hostage along with others when a convienience store was robbed,because of this Murdoc disobayed his Lieutenent's orders and charged right into the building getting shot in the right shoulder leaving him with a scar on his shoulder.After he got fired he went and lived with an indian tribe and met two Timber Wolves called Dakota and Lakita.After that he heard about the research of a proffessor Shepard out in New Mexico.He tried to build his own prototype.He succeded and turned them into a new species called Lupus-Sapians.He called his brothers and sister and started his own special forces team.Then a month after that, after a mission in the Amazon they we're recruited to the Road Rovers.They now live in Road Rover Mission Control.
Super Powers Murdoc has great specialities but his superpowers really come in handy.He has Super Hearing, Super Strength,and Super Partial ESP which means he's not a full blown physcic but can sense when a good or bad event will happen.
Weapon Preferences In the service,Murdoc was the best when it came to weapons.He prefers the Vietnam War/Gulf War Era weapons.He loads these with tennis ball ammo when on missions and when he is in the shooting range he loads them with regular ammo.An M4 5.56mm Assault Rifle fitted with a 30x magnification Night Vision/Thermal scope,Laser Aiming Module (LAM),Tac Light,an M203 40mm Grenade Launcher,and sometimes a Silencer,An SPAS-12 12Gauge Semi-Automatic Combat Shotgun fitted with a LAM,and Tac Light,An M60 7.62mm Heavy Machinegun,An AK/47 7.62mm Assault Rifle fitted with a Tac Light,LAM,and sometimes a Silencer,An MP5 Fixed Stock 9mm Sub-Machinegum fitted with a Tac Light,and sometimes a Silencer,A Barret M82A1.50 Caliber Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle Fitted with a 30x Magnification Night Vision/Thermal Scope,A Desert Eagle .50 Caliber Pistol fitted with a Tac Light,and sometimes a Silencer,And an Upgrded Accuracy Glock .45 Caliber Pistol fitted with an LAM,and sometimes a Silencer.