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Name Dakota
Date of Birth Febuary 5,1981
Age 20
Height 6"0"
Weight 206 lbs
Eyes Brown
Breed North American Timber Wolf
Specialties Light/Heavy Weapons,Interpreter,Pilot,Sniper
Description Dakota is a Timber Wolf from Colorado.His fur is gray and his face is white.He is well built and is good with his guns.He is good natured and tough only when he needs to be.He is also a big fan of John Wayne so he dresses like him and uses the same weapons that he does.
History Dakota is the fourth son of the Alpha Male and Alpha Female of a pack of wolves that were under the protection of a Cherokee Indian tribe.When he was seven years old the elders of the tribe said that he was a special wolf and that he and his decendants would be the protectors of all wolves.When he was fourteen years old he fell in love with a wolf from a different pack called Lakita.They were married soon after and had four children.Not long after that they befriended a man and his wife called Murdoc and Maria Jones,that weren't from the tribe but were living with them.Murdoc soon after developed a machine that could turn them and their children half human.They were turned into a new species called Lupus-Sapians.After that they began to age by one year instead of seven.A month after that Murdoc started his own special forces team and asked them to join.Then he was recruited to the Road Rovers with the others.
Super Powers Dakota has superpowers that come in handy,he has a language interpretation ability,and a super statistics ability that help solve missions.
Weapon Preferences Since he is a fan of John Wayne he prefers to use weapons from his movies.He has a holster on his belt with a Colt Python .357 Magnum loaded with tennis ball ammo,a holster with a sawed off Remington 12 Gauge Double-Barrel shotgun loaded with tennis ball ammo,and a Winchester 30-06 lever action rifle fitted with a 12x magnification scope,and loaded with tennis ball ammo.